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I used to have a list of in-progress fiction here, but I've decided to do away with that and make an introductory post instead. This journal is for my fanfiction, which is primarily in video game and manga fandoms (although I've recently expanded into television with Heroes). Navigation is to the far left in the tags, and stories are sorted by fandom and pairing.

I write in many pairings and genres, so please pay attention to warnings and listed pairings instead of reading and then complaining. Thank you!

My personal journal is at gamera.


I am again writing fanfiction on a semi-regular basis.

However, I am no longer posting to LiveJournal. It's all going to Dreamwidth. (Warning for those who might want to watch: it's a combination of fic and the content of my actual LJ at gamera, if that's not your thing.) If you'd like to follow it there, please do! If you'd prefer to follow here, there's an RSS feed at gamera_dw.

Thank you guys so much for all your kind comments and support over the years! You rock. (And yes, some of those WIPs will be finished. That's one of my resolutions for 2010.)

Jan. 14th, 2010

Apologies if you are on my regular journal's friends list and have already seen it, but for those of you who aren't:

I am offering a 2,000+ word fanfic at help_haiti.

(There actually will be an update here soon! I have a Yuletide fic to upload here, after all.)

a couple of PSAs--

(1) I have a Dreamwidth. No, I am not moving, and I will continue to post here. However, there is some content there that either won't be reposted here or will be DW-only for quite awhile (mostly stuff that's for DW-based challenges, or from drabble memes over there).

(2) RE: the warnings debacle sweeping fandom right now: I warn for things that I personally feel necessitate warnings: violence, spoilers, non-con/rape/dub-con in the event I were to write it (unlikely, as this is one of my squicks), NSFW sexual content, and sometimes individual, fic-specific issues (such as skanky race issues in a historical context). No, I will not hide, cut, or otherwise make these warnings difficult for you to read; if you're of the camp that thinks reading warnings ruins your story, then consider my stories ruined. Conversely, though, I'm not going to warn for most things beyond this list (occasionally there may be an exception that falls under that "individual, fic-specific issues" umbrella, but this will be rare).

And while I do not warn for slash/het, I do label all my stories by pairing or as gen. No, I will not hide, cut, or otherwise make it difficult to read this information.

This debate was mostly in Western fandoms, so it's pretty unlikely anyone here is going to make a big deal of it, but I just wanted to get that out there. (That, and I had wanted to make a post about my DW journal for awhile.)

Post-series D.Gray-Man/Cthulhu mythos crossover. Yes, I am insane. This is gen, and the total word count is somewhere around 60,000 words. The entire story is written already; chapters will go up as they are edited and beta-read. I'd estimate probably a chapter every two weeks or so

Warnings, because yes, they are legion: a minor character extrapolated on (General Klaud Nine) and given a major POV, fanon everywhere, the implication that organized religion is actually a front for Great Old Ones, major character death, intentional anachronisms for the sake of avoiding colonialism in naming, and unofficial romanizations for several names (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to spell it as anything other than Theodore).

Bold-faced warnings you should definitely read: vague spoilers up to the current arc and specific ones to the Edo arc. Also, this is a violent horror story.

Special thanks go to kirstian and ukefied for playing cheerleader with the first draft, and to nagaina_ryuuoh for beta reading.

A Sea Dark and Silent 1/7, 8983 wordsCollapse )
This is what I wrote for Yuletide this year. Final Fantasy Tactics, gen (unless you really, really want to read it as Agrias/Ovelia). 1500-ish words. Title because I've always felt that Save the Queen not being a special sword for Agrias is ten levels of WTF. I was going for something vaguely Arthurian in this one, or at least very medieval courtly, with the lady's favor for her champion and all.

Save the QueenCollapse )
First of all: apparently I have not had comment notifications on for this journal, and didn't realize it. This has been rectified, so I will be much better at responding to comments than I have been for the past few months. My apologies to everyone who's commented without my seeing it!

Written for Roads Diverged's steampunk theme. The basic premise: Lilly is bratty and new-rich, Hugo is attending university in an attempt to "civilize" his barbarian Grasslander ways, and Belle is an engineer of delightful steampunk machines (if by "delightful" one actually means "Gadget ZX," that is). In short, what Team Hugo would be in a bad steampunk AU. 1800-ish words.

The Most Likely OutcomeCollapse )
Written for the Roads Diverged challenge community on InsaneJournal, where I'm writing ten AUs for Suikoden III (of which this is the first). To use my summary there: written because there are just some characters from previous games that should have appeared in Suikoden III, but didn't (Nash "Married Man" Clovis waltzes in without his infamous missus? Luc and Futch get extra dialogue in the final dungeon, but Sasuke doesn't even make it into the game?). A series of drabbles. 5 x 100 words.

This is gen, although it does operate under the background assumption that Nash is married to Sierra. And although it's technically a Suikoden III fic, knowledge of some of the other games will help, particularly II and/or V.

I. Sasuke: North Cavern; must have 84 Stars recruited, and bring Ayame and Futch.Collapse )

II. Sierra Mikain: Alma Kinan; joins automatically in Chris chapter 3.Collapse )

III. Lorelai: Sindar Ruins; must have 68 Stars recruited.Collapse )

IV. Pesmerga: Budehuc Castle; joins automatically in Thomas chapter 2.Collapse )

V. Zweig: Sindar Ruins; must have 84 Stars recruited and bring Lorelai.Collapse )
het_challenge repost 3/5. (See, I didn't wait months between them this time!)

1700-ish words. Pre-game and thus no spoilers, but not safe for work-- it's not overly explicit, but there is obvious sexual activity going on here. And while it is certainly not necessary to understand the story, knowledge of the first Suikoden game will give the opening dialogue some amusing context.

From Three Rooms AwayCollapse )
Er, when I said I was staggering my h_c stories, I didn't mean the delay would be this long! Anyway, here's my second repost.

2300-ish words, cute and fluffy but major spoiler warning for the latter part of the FMA manga. Minor edits from the original version in that I've changed "Olivia" to the official spelling "Olivier."

Little Brothers and Little SistersCollapse )
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